Chicago Metal Fabrication Services

Our experience, combined with the range of metal fabrication services provided under one roof, saves you both time and money while providing you quality service. We service food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, printing, carton industries ... and more!

TAL-MAR's experienced metal fabrication designers, layout men, welders, machinists, field
representatives & installation crews ensure a quality job - on time!

Stainless Steel Fabrication - Aluminum Fabrication - Galvanized Fabrication - Steel Fabrication

24 Hour Emergency Service
Field Installation
Sheet Metal & Millwright Service
Industrial Maintenance
Scrap & Dust Collector Systems
HVAC Systems
Industrial/Commercial Insulation Services
Food Grade Welding & Polishing
Machinery Rebuilds
Ornamental Ironwork Services
Waterjet Services
Material Handling & Conveyor Systems
Design & Engineering
Turnkey Safeguarding Systems

Servicing Chicago and it's suburbs with all of our services:

  • Air Pollution Control Systems
  • Bag Dump Stations
  • Bins
  • Blow Pipe Systems, Complete
  • Blower Wheel/Housing Repair
  • Boiler Breechings (Heavy gauge)
  • Bumper Guards (For fork trucks)
  • Carton Trim Lines
  • Catwalks (Ladders, platforms)
  • Chutes
  • Concrete Forms
  • Cones
  • Conveyors (Belt, pneumatic, screw)
  • Curtain Wall (Dust, heat fumes)
  • Cyclones (All welded, any gauge)
  • Cylinders (Rolled up to 5' long)
  • Dampers (Heavy gauge, custom)
  • Diamondback ® Hoppers
  • Elbows (3, 4, 5 gore, long radius)
  • Enclosures (Fume, dust, particulate)
  • Fume Scrubbers
  • Floor Sweeps (For scrap removal)
  • Guards (Machine, belt, drive)
  • Hoods
  • Hoppers (Dust, particulates, etc.)
  • HVAC Work (Commercial and industrial)
  • Incinerators (Build, repair)
  • Ladders & Ladder Guards (per OSHA)
  • Machining (Piece parts or special machinery)
  • Makeup Air Systems (Industrial/Commercial)
  • Ovens (Repair, rebuild, Install)
  • Pans (Drip, catch, oil, dust)
  • Pipe (18 gauge & heavier-all welded)
  • Platforms (Per OSHA)
  • Press Brake Forming (To 1/4" thick)
  • Process Duct Systems
  • Railings (For industrial platforms)
  • Shafts (Including keyways-any diameter/length)
  • Stacks (Any size shape or material)
  • Saddle Taps, Tees (To fit existing trunk lines)
  • Scrap & Trim Collection Systems
  • Tanks (Many of them stainless)
  • Tapers
  • Valves (Diverters, gates)
  • Ventilation Work (Industrial and commercial)
  • Vessels (All types & sizes)

For any of our services, we will be pleased to visit your job location or plant, in order to:

  • Field Measure
  • Verify Conditions
  • Shop Build
  • Field Install